Control Your LED Bulbs with Your Smart Phone


The next wave in energy- efficient equipment is the advent of an LED lighting system which gives you full control of the system at your finger tips, anytime, anywhere. This system has been fabricated and launched by an ecofriendly venture called GreenWave reality.  Called the Connected Lighting Solution, this lighting system is Wi-Fi enabled and allows the consumer to take charge of the lighting circuit in his home using his smart phone.

Control Your LED Bulbs with Your Smart Phone

The features of this LED lighting system are:

  1. It is an instant technology that can be installed without the need of rewiring or restructuring of your existing electrical circuit.
  2. The system uses LED bulbs that are energy star certified.
  3. The system is enabled with internet connectivity to facilitate full access to the consumer. The consumer can thus control every aspect of the lighting throughout the home, even while he is away from home.
  4. The system is equipped with motion sensors to detect the entry and exit of inmates. Accordingly it puts the lights on or off and saves energy to the consumer.
  5. All that the consumer has to do is bring home these new LED bulbs and screw them into the holders. Each bulb comes with a pre-configured program coded for home, away and night specifications. Using these smart controls one can monitor the lighting usage at home even while they are away from home.
  6. The consumer can also customize the controls to accommodate to a particular lifestyle.
  7. The solution uses a secure IP based platform that fastens the bulbs with the other devices of the network to form an IP ecosystem.
  8. Other features that make this lighting system very unique are: interactive coaching, usage alerts and energy budgeting.
  9. For a typical household, installing this energy-efficient system could mean energy savings of up to $150 every year.
  10. Lastly, the system is a highly scalable one and is suited for larger environments (office spaces) as well.

The connected lighting solution was launched at the recently concluded Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. This integrated solution received rave reviews as the next generation in the field of lighting.  The one-of-its-kind solution is a stepping stone to reducing energy wastage from the grass root levels. This is the most powerful and personal product so far that will give the consumer full control of his energy consumption patterns.

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