How Can Green Living Improve Your Financial Stability?


We are living in an environment conscious world. There are more and more companies who realize that savings can be greener, including multimillion dollar companies and the small businesses. These companies can use tax credits and service and product rebates.

Tax credits

If a business is energy efficient, it can save a lot. Naturally the savings vary from one state to the other. Tax advantages are available in every state if you know how to use energy efficiently. There are plenty of tax calculators and estimators available online that can help with this. The tax advantages include tax exemptions in case of the companies that use solar power sources.

In the same time it is also possible to get a low rate loan that can be used to purchase land or business in case you are planning on using the wind, fuel cell or biomass power.


In many states the businesses get a rebate if they change their old energy system with new, more efficient models. The products that qualify for this program include Energy Star qualified furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and programmable thermostats.

In many cases the rebate can be up to 20%. As a result of the programs your business could have newer heating and cooling machines for lower prices and in the future you will need less energy to make them work. Naturally, the carbon footprint of your company will also be reduced.

Energy cost savings

If you change the heating and cooling systems, besides the tax credit and the rebates that you get, you will be able to save money on the long run. According to official information, companies can make savings of 30% per year.

You should know that the Hilton Hotels managed to cut their expenses by 25% after switching to more efficient heating and cooling systems with programs of this kind. It is possible that you will be able to save costs in areas that you never thought you could.

Public relations

If you switch to more efficient systems you will get a lot more than lower costs. Your possible customers will be more likely to purchase your goods or services, because, as it has been mentioned before, we are living in an environment conscious world and this is something that the customers really care about.

Adopting the new technologies tells the public that your company cares about the environment and implicitly, about the customers. If you care about the customers, the customers will care about you.


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