What Countries Are Leading the World with “Green Banking”?


In our days you might have heard a lot about green banking and ethical banking and there is a lot of debate regarding which one of them is better. If you are using offshore savings accounts you might want to make sure that the bank you are doing business with does green banking.

Green banking in the United Kingdom

Green banking usually refers to the fact that the bank in question performs its daily activities in an environmentally friendly way. This means that it can use recycled paper or takes advantage of reusable energy along with supporting paperless statements; or they are planting trees in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the company.

If a bank goes green, besides the facts that it protects the environment, it can also cut some of the costs. If you are thinking about which bank to have an account at, you should think about whether you are more concerned about your financial well-being or about the well-being of the planet. Maybe you can have both of them.

Green banking and India

The State Bank of India introduced green measures in several branches. These include paperless statements that also results in faster processes for the customers. The deposits and the withdrawals will be made in a green way that now is available in 26 of the branches of the bank.

Although at the moment it is not known how many of the branches will have this possibility in the second phase, the bank is planning on introducing it in other branches as well. This is a win-win situation because the customers don’t have any paperwork to fill out, while the bank can cut some costs.

Bangladesh and green banking

The governor of Bangladesh Bank stated that the central bank is taking steps to make the commercial banks adopt green banking through issuing some guidelines. Now the banks can access funds with low interest rates for financing bio gas, solar energy and effluent treatment plants.

These steps were taken as a result of a meeting where several governors met from emerging countries to share their experiences regarding green businesses including green banking.

It looks like there will be solar panels installed on top of the central bank for it to become a model so other banks will be stimulated to do the same.

As you can see the banks are taking steps to make this world a better place and this is something to appreciate.


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