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Inspired by Multi-Colored Butterfly Wings

Inspired by Multi-Colored Butterfly Wings, Scientist Develops Waterproof Coatings for Solar Panels

Butterflies are colorful, delicate wonders of nature. Their beautiful appearance attracts everyone, but can you imagine they can also inspire us to learn and develop renewable energy resources? Yes, they can! An ambitious professor Shu Yang, from the University of Pennsylvania recently developed a material, which imitates the water-resistant and iridescent properties of the wings of […]

Handy infrared thermometer

Go Green: Introduce Energy Efficient Products At Home

Energy efficiency is the buzz word in the world of eco-friendly gadgets. They are not just good for our planet but also save big bucks for you. And this does not involve exorbitant investments from your end. Only some simple upgrades could make a big difference to your household expenses. Here are 6 great ideas […]

What Countries Are Leading the World with “Green Banking”?

In our days you might have heard a lot about green banking and ethical banking and there is a lot of debate regarding which one of them is better. If you are using offshore savings accounts you might want to make sure that the bank you are doing business with does green banking. Green banking in […]

How Can Green Living Improve Your Financial Stability?

We are living in an environment conscious world. There are more and more companies who realize that savings can be greener, including multimillion dollar companies and the small businesses. These companies can use tax credits and service and product rebates. Tax credits If a business is energy efficient, it can save a lot. Naturally the […]

The Rise of the Clean Energy Industry

The Rise of the Clean Energy Industry

While the state of California languishes with businesses leaving the state in droves, there is a glimmer of hope that there is a legislative solution to this problem. In fact, some would argue that the answer has been in front of the the California government for over three years. That answer is known as Proposition […]

Eco-friendly Jet fuel from sea water

Eco-friendly Jet fuel from sea water

Did you know that a large portion of the military budget is consumed by expensive aviation fuel? The US Navy which has been facing cash crunch due to the rising fuel prices. To overcome this problem, the research wing of the US Navy – US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) after years of experimentation has come […]