Frank Gehry to Design Facebook’s Novel Green Menlo Park Campus


The famous Menlo Park Campus of Facebook is getting ready for expansion in a big way. The company has roped in the Iconic architect Frank Gehry for this mega project. Gehry is most popular for his work on the titanium-clad blobitecture icons.  The new campus at Menlo Park will be known as the West Campus spread over 22 acres in the Park.

Frank Gehry

The campus, to be designed by Gehry will not resemble any of his titanium-clad facades, but will herald his transition to ‘bioscaping’. The structure will feature all the latest and best in eco-friendly practices such as using energy efficiency systems, water conservation systems, recycling collection points and fuel recycling systems. Some of the major features of this eco-friendly structure are:

Green Roofs

Roof top gardens, parks and walking trails will keep both the land and the air space green.

Via tunnel

The old and new campuses will be connected by a tunnel below the Bay front Expressway, that will allow the new workforce to transit between the two through bikes or walking tracks.

Free structure

Keeping in line with the Facebook tradition, the proposed building will be a one room construction, with random seating.

Water conservation model

The campus plan will ensure that the total turf area will not exceed 500 sq.ft.  All greenery will consist of plants that consume less or no water, to conserve water utility.


A fuel efficient shuttle system will be introduced to cruise between the campuses.

Break spaces

Comfortable and energy efficient roof top cafes, sushi bars and kiosks have been designed to use the solar energy and recycle wastes through the gardens.

Gehry, the lead architect of this project is better known through his iconic building such as The Panamanian Museum of Biodiversity, Chicago’s Millennium Park and The Grand Park at Los Angeles. These are especially known for his work on eco-friendly landscaping and use of native plant species. Facebook is banking on this talent of Gehry and his team and hopes to create an Iconoart in its new campus.

If all goes as planned Facebook employees can be seen enjoying their stroll on their roof park while snacking on sushi. Sounds too idyllic for an office, isn’t it?

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