Recyclable Basketball Stadium – A 2012 Green Step at London Olympics


Although the majority of the people think about sports and medals when it comes to the Olympics, the one thing we forget to think is the financial aspects. Till now only those countries organized the games that have had the financial resources to build the sports arenas.

Recyclable Basketball Stadium

A new concept

Nonetheless in order to make it possible for more countries to organize the Olympics, designers Sinclair Knight Mertz and Wilkinson Eyre came up with the idea of a budget-friendly basketball stadium. Naturally it’s not just budget-friendly, but it is also eco-friendlier than the permanent structures.

Such a stadium is used for the first time during the Summer Olympics in London. The structure was built of 1,000 tons of steel. We also have to add that the structure isn’t the cheapest and it isn’t the greenest either. Nonetheless it is a step towards incorporating sustainable designs into major events of this kind.

Green is white

If you take a look at the building you will notice that it is all white, and the best thing about it is that it is built of recyclable materials, that can be reused in the future. At this moment this project is one of a kind, but the members of the organizing committee agree that this could bring a change to the games.

This is because since it is possible to build such sports arenas other countries that until now didn’t have the financial resources, could also organize the Olympics. The events could boost the economy of these countries, not to mention that the event itself would become greener.


It is interesting to note that the stadium can be moved. This means that it is possible for the players of the future Olympics to play in the same stadium as the players of this year. This way it becomes unnecessary to build a new stadium for each event.

If we take into consideration that the stadiums built for the past Olympics aren’t used anymore we can see that they are a waste of money and resources. If all the stadiums were of this kind, this wouldn’t be a problem because all the organizers would have to do is to move the stadium from one country to the other.

The structure is relatively lightweight and it was designed to be moved around with no more fuss that a regular warehouse built using the same concept. The main point for the structure is to be Eco-friendly and not too expensive.

It’s amazing how we can go green in so many ways. For business owners, you can also opt for Eco-friendly business cards printing to support this cause.

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