New Berlin Cultural Center Gives a New Meaning to Container Buildings


We all know that building a new structure means a lot of fuss because of all the noise and dust that surrounds the construction site. This is especially true when it comes to the new structures built in a metropolis. There are also a lot of different kinds of limitations, such as maintaining the style of the surrounding area.

New Berlin Cultural Center

Being inventive

Nonetheless we all know that the creativity of people doesn’t have any limitations and so it was expected for some people to come up with a new and revolutionary idea to make the construction of new structures easier. This is the case of a cultural center built in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin.


Believe it or not, this new structure was built only of recycled shipping containers. The construction workers simply stacked up these containers and they were connected through different communication pathways. The good side of all this was that the construction itself didn’t take very long.

According to official sources there was need for 34 shipping containers to create this new cultural center. Although you might think that it is difficult to work with this many containers, the construction workers had to work only for a few days to finish the new structure.

Future outlook

The name of the new cultural center is Platoon Kunsthalle and it is supposed to be home to cultural events and exhibitions in the following couple of years. Besides offering a place for these events to take place it is also meant to motivate the residents of the city and also the tourists to take the matter of recycling more seriously.

Although the building is a functional one, it also has the purpose to make people think twice before they throw away things; it is possible that they would find a new use for them if they wanted to, or they could donate it for other people to use the item in question.

The building

The cultural center is made of four floors and it is like an open atrium on the inside. There is also an outdoor project space and an outdoor plaza. The steel end caps of the containers have been removed and they were replaced with glass to allow light to get into the center. As a result people can look inside through the front façade. This way the building becomes more welcoming and there will be more people who will get curious about it. Who knows …maybe with it a new trend will be born.

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