5 Green Ways to Escape the Summer Heat


While it is true that in some cases the summer heat seems to be unbearable, there are some things you could do to keep your home cool besides turning the AC on. In fact, there are numerous sustainable ways to cool down that are healthier for you as well as for the planet.

1. Sun blockers

Sun blockers

If you close the blinds or curtains you can reduce the amount of heat that enters your home by 45%. Another trick that you could use is that if the air outside is cool and dry, hang a damp curtain on the window. This way the breezes will be cooled down by the water that is evaporating.

2. No hot air

No hot air

If there is no humidity in the air, you could place a bowl of ice in front of the fan. When the ice melts, it will evaporate and it can cool you off. If you have AC in your home, you should clean or change the filters on a monthly basis. In case you have central air conditioning you should check for leaks that can reduce the efficiency of the system.

3. Close it

Close it

If you have a fireplace and you are running the AC you should close the damper because it sucks hot air into your home from outside. In the same time you should close all doors and windows if it’s hot outside. This is because an open window sucks hot air inside your home.

4. Spritz


It is a really good idea to have a spray bottle in the cooler and spritz yourself every now and then. In order to cool off, you should start with your wrists, thus cooling down the blood in your veins. Another idea is to have a fan at the window with the blades facing outside. This way the fan can suck the hot air out and bring the cold air in.

5. Vent it

Vent it

If you are using an AC you could simultaneously run a vent as well. This way you can remove humidity from the air, while the vent evaporates the sweat. While you are taking a shower, you should also use a ventilator. This way you can get rid of the sticky moisture from the bathroom.

You can now enjoy your summer without having so much stress with the heat.  This is the season that we must enjoy.  If you have business that is perfect for this season, this is the time you can start promoting, you can look for brochure printing services  that can help with your marketing needs.  Have your summer be a memorable one, enjoy!

photo credit: (www.realsimple.com)


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