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New Berlin Cultural Center

New Berlin Cultural Center Gives a New Meaning to Container Buildings

We all know that building a new structure means a lot of fuss because of all the noise and dust that surrounds the construction site. This is especially true when it comes to the new structures built in a metropolis. There are also a lot of different kinds of limitations, such as maintaining the style […]

Maintain your greenhouse

Maintain your greenhouse

There are many advantages to greenhouse growing. You can extend the growing season and experiment with a variety of different plants. However, in order for you to fully enjoy the benefits of owning a greenhouse, you will need to keep it well maintained. Maintaining your greenhouse will not only keep it in a suitable condition […]

Marine Life in Danger

Marine Life in Danger – The Reality Is Worse Every Day

Here is the sad truth: if the carbon dioxide levels continue to increase, there are several marine species that won’t be able to survive the changes. Although there are measures taken to save them, it looks like they won’t be efficient and adequate enough. If we want these species to survive, there will be need […]

Project binders

Going Back to School the Green Way

As fall draws nearer there are a lot of students heading back to school. If you are into green living, there are some things that you could do in this case as well to make school life even greener. The main point is to find products that are eco-friendly and preferably recycled. Project binders The […]

Sun blockers

5 Green Ways to Escape the Summer Heat

While it is true that in some cases the summer heat seems to be unbearable, there are some things you could do to keep your home cool besides turning the AC on. In fact, there are numerous sustainable ways to cool down that are healthier for you as well as for the planet. 1. Sun […]

Recyclable Basketball Stadium

Recyclable Basketball Stadium – A 2012 Green Step at London Olympics

Although the majority of the people think about sports and medals when it comes to the Olympics, the one thing we forget to think is the financial aspects. Till now only those countries organized the games that have had the financial resources to build the sports arenas. A new concept Nonetheless in order to make […]