Water Consumption Innovation by ES Pipe Waterwheel


We all know that it is difficult to live in the third world countries. However the water supply improved in the last few years and there are a lot of people using wells to cover their needs for fresh water.

Nonetheless there are still a lot of people who need oil lamps to fight the dark of the night since there is no electricity. Other people opt for using batteries, but let’s face it, those aren’t a lot better either.

The main concerns

There are still some people who care about the quality of life of African inhabitants, such as designer Ryan Chongwoo Choi. He came up with the idea of ES Pipe Waterwheel. This is a really interesting contraption because it has the ability to turn regular water flow into a small hydroelectric generator.

According to the description of the product, if someone has water and also owns a product of this kind, he or she will have electricity too. If we take a look at the map of the world showing the use of electricity, we can see that Africa is like a dark spot on it.

This is why this was the winning concept of the 2012 IDEA award. If we come to think of it, it is pretty simple: it is an intermediate plumbing fixture that people have to attach to the regular pipes. The idea appeared because there was need for a solution to offer people electricity without the help of the government.

How does it work?

The basis of the product is simple: once somebody opens the water tap, the water flows through            the waterwheel. This turns the energy of the flowing water into electricity and this can offer power to the electric bulbs. This product uses only clean power.

The best thing about it is that it uses the energy of the water that otherwise would go to waste. The product is very simple to install and the electricity is stored in a battery. This can be detached and brought anywhere where you need it. To make the whole process even more convenient, you could also use the product with hoses.

As you can see, this may be the solution of the Third World to have their needs for electricity covered. The product isn’t very expensive and soon it should be available for all the people lacking electricity to get what they need.

photo credit: (http://www.ecofriend.com)


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