2012 Summer and Useful Tips to Save Energy


Summer means a lot of things, such as long walks on the beach, hitting the pool, attending parties and spending some time outdoors, but it also means using a lot of energy. If you are an environment conscious person, you might be interested in ways to use less energy during this season.


In case of a household, lighting represents about 10% of the electricity used. Instead of the regular light bulbs, you could use CFLs – compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs, or light emitting diodes. This way you could save about 80% of the electricity used during the summer.

Tips to Save EnergyCooling costs

Another reason for switching to these methods is that they last for years and you can make economies on the replacements.

In the same time they emit less heat, and we all know that we also have to use electricity to cool our houses. This way you will need less energy.


If you are thinking about having some renovations around the house, you should make use of the energy efficient windows.

These allow more sunlight to get into the house, and so there will be less need for lighting, which means that you will have to use less electricity.

Outdoor solar lighting

Don’t forget that we don’t have to pay for sunlight. To use it to its full extent, you may think about installing some solar lighting outside. These lighting doesn’t require any maintenance and you will have light during the night entirely free.

High efficiency

The majority of the households use air conditioning during the summer to make the heat bearable. If you are thinking about getting a new one you should make sure that you get one that is energy-efficient, because this way you can reduce the energy used by up to 50%.

Cool roof

This is a new technology when it comes to roofing. The main point for it is to reflect the sunlight and thus to be able to absorb less heat so you will need less cooling. At this moment it looks like it is smart to opt for roofs of this kind because they will help you save money on the long run.

Landscape shading

To add some shade to your yards you should consider planting some shrubs, trees, and plants. You can use them to shield your home, this way reducing the heat and the needs for cooling. This is the way to cool down air.


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