Beer Bottles Recycled into an Impressive Las Vegas Building


Believe it or not, it is possible to build buildings of recycled bottles, and the largest building of this kind is considered to be the Morrow Royal Pavilon that can be found in Las Vegas. This building is made of over 500,000 beer bottles. These bottles were crushed and turned into building material.

Beer Bottles Recycled

The process

The crushed bottles were turned into Green Stone which is a composite material. In order to finish the project, thousands of pounds of waste material were used from the junk yard. As a result about 400,000 cubic yards of landfill space was saved, which is the size of about eight football fields.

The building

It is possible that you will find the building familiar because it has the same style as Swakerstone Hall Pavilion that is located in England. This was on the cover of the Rolling Stone’s album entitled ‘Hot  Rocks’. According to the official information, there is a campaign aiming to get the band to visit the new building.

What’s interesting about it?

The most important thing about the building is that almost all of the items in the building have some glass in them. As it has been mentioned before, the building itself is made of Green Stone, which is a sturdy substitute for concrete, which is made of fly ash (a by-product of power plants using coal) and recycled glass.

In order to build the new building, the company handling it was collecting beer bottles from the hotels of the area. The bottles are crushed into tiny pieces. Then the ash is added to it and the mixture is poured into molds. Here it hardens and dries.

Green Stone

The good thing about this material is that it can be used to build just anything you can think of, including fireplaces, mantelpieces, columns, balustrades, and, apparently, people can also use it to build buildings. This is a kind of material that has a lot of potential and in the future it will be used for several purposes.

The looks

If you take a look at the building most probably you wouldn’t believe that it is made of glass. In fact, the building blocks of it have a sandstone finish, so it looks pretty much like any other building. The end look of the blocks is given by the use of the ash, which makes the blocks look natural and instead of sparkling.

This building made out of recyclables shows that we can always go green if we want to. Show your love for Mother Earth by purchasing eco-friendly products like Printrunner business cards.

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