Solar Floating Resort and a Green Vacation Concept to Die For


The truth is that using solar energy in hotels and resorts isn’t considered to be a new idea, but still it looks like there are some people that are able to come up with new concepts.

Michele Puzzolante created the idea of a floating luxury hotel that uses dye sensitized, low cost solar cells. This resort is more special than the others because it is self-sustainable when it comes to electricity.

Solar Floating Resort

Cruise meets green hotel

This new idea is a combination between an underwater platform and a cruise ship. It has the capacity of six passengers and it is supposed to travel around among different coasts.

The designer of the floating resort took things a bit further and it made it possible for the passengers to enjoy marine wildlife as well.

What will it offer?

According to the plans, the resort comes with a 20m long deck and a lot of special denominations. The interior space is of 110 square meters. There are two double and two single bedrooms. These also come with their own private bathrooms.

Besides these there is also a kitchen, lounge, dining room and a bridge too. The biggest attraction is the observation pod that can be found in the craft’s hull. As it has been mentioned before, this will be used to admire the marine wildlife.

Details of the design

Sadly the designer shared very few technical specifications of the resort. However, there is some known information regarding the structure of the resort. It is known that it will be built of dual layer fiberglass combined with balsa wood. Between the layers, there is a vacuum zone of 30 centimeters. This way the layers will provide better insulation.

The layers also come with dye-sensitized solar panels in the inner and outer sections. The good side of this is that the cells can capture both the natural light and the artificial light from inside.

The powertrain of the resort is supposed to be pretty simple. According to the latest information, the resort will be able to travel only along the coast, meaning that it can’t ‘float’ in deep waters.

Remember that at the moment the concept is in the idea phase, so there is no real way of knowing the price of such a resort or whether people will be able to rent it for a shorter period of time. However, we can be sure that in the future there will be many people using this kind of ‘means of transportation’.


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