Making Solar Power Affordable


Creating electricity from solar panels is one of the most cost-efficient ways to generate power, but getting started can be expensive. Ways exist, however, to lower the cost of a solar panel installation, putting renewable power in your reach. Consider these options if the cost of solar panels is holding you back:

1. Government Programs

Use tax credits, rebates, or incentives that local, state or federal governments offer periodically. Often the incentive programs that governments offer are time-sensitive. If your cash flow is inadequate to take advantage of a program, look around for the best credit card offers to help you qualify for the program before the deadline.

2. Lease the Equipment

Some companies lease the solar panels to qualifying households for a monthly charge, usually in line with their typical monthly electric bill. The leasing company installs and maintains the equipment during the life of the equipment. This approach eliminates most, if not all, upfront costs associated with solar panels. Depending on the program, you may own the equipment outright after a specified amount of time.

3. Build Your Own

Instructions are available for making your own solar panels. If you have the tools and equipment to make your own, the cost will be far lower than if you purchase the panels from a retailer. Setting your own system up may involve a high learning curve, but if you’re not in a hurry and want to understand solar electrical generation at a deep level, use this approach to make solar power more affordable.

4. Start Small

Find the system that you want for your home and start building it incrementally. If you’re cash strapped, look around for the credit card best interest rate to finance the initial purchase. Once you start benefiting from reduced electric bills, you can start saving money to finance the rest of the system.

5. Buy Used

Occasionally used solar panels come on the market from a dealer or a private party. Keeping your eye out for used equipment can lower the cost of getting started substantially. Solar panels are the ticket to energy independence. Employing one or more of these methods for lowering the cost of panels may help you get started using the sun to slash your electric bill. Creating your own power also provides peace of mind, knowing you’re prepared for emergencies and doing your part for energy conservation.


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