Is “Cool Blue” the New Trend in Energy Efficiency?


It is a known fact that the dark colored roofs absorb heat and so we have to use more energy to cool the buildings. For a few years some people have been promoting the idea of having white roofs. Nonetheless in some cases having dark roofs simply looks more appealing.

Cool Blue Pigment

“Cool blue” pigment

Some of the scientists at the Oregon State University came up with the idea of this new pigment. This pigment comes in darker hues. However, the advantage is that it can reflect a lot of infrared heat. This is why the new coating could be used for the roofs of the buildings.

Scientific basis

According to the developers of the new pigment, it’s ability to reflect infrared heat is of 40% which is a lot higher than in case of the traditionally used blue pigments. According to the developers the more they find out about the pigment, the more interesting it becomes.

The researchers already knew that it is more durable, easier to produce and safer. At the moment it looks like it could also be used to save more energy.

The development

The compound that is now patented was discovered three years ago when the researchers of the university were studying elements for the electrical properties. The researchers saw that a few manganese compounds when heated at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit got a beautiful blue color.

At that point, the researchers thought that this happened because of the molecules of the compounds. These were supposed to have changed because of the high temperatures. This discovery determined them to develop this new pigment.


At the moment the new pigment is intended to be used for different kinds of applications for roofs and walls so that the buildings will become more energy efficient. If people would start using this kind of pigment the cities wouldn’t be heat islands anymore and there would be less need for energy.

Because of all this, the air pollution could also be reduced and the power plant emissions would also decrease.

Licensing partners are currently being searched to promote the new product. The researchers believe that this new invention, if promoted the right way, could have multiple applications in the tropical and hot areas of the planet .

As you can see, the scientists are constantly researching, trying to make our world a better place through the use of the available technology. We just have to start using these new inventions.


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