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Making Solar Power Affordable

Making Solar Power Affordable

Creating electricity from solar panels is one of the most cost-efficient ways to generate power, but getting started can be expensive. Ways exist, however, to lower the cost of a solar panel installation, putting renewable power in your reach. Consider these options if the cost of solar panels is holding you back: 1. Government Programs […]

Green House Gas Reduction

Intel Bound to Surpass Its Own Green House Gas Reduction Target

Intel is known to be one of the best companies when it comes to IT. They are working really hard to make their products more energy efficient and they are known to use a lot of clean energy. As a result of their hard work they emit less greenhouse gases than the other companies of […]

Green Mortgages

Green Mortgages – Saving the Planet and Your Wallet

If you’ve never heard of a green mortgage, you could be missing out. This method of financing improvements to your home’s energy efficiency can actually cut your monthly utility bills by nearly half, and may put you in a position to receive better mortgage rates. In addition to being good for your wallet, it also […]

Cool Blue Pigment

Is “Cool Blue” the New Trend in Energy Efficiency?

It is a known fact that the dark colored roofs absorb heat and so we have to use more energy to cool the buildings. For a few years some people have been promoting the idea of having white roofs. Nonetheless in some cases having dark roofs simply looks more appealing. “Cool blue” pigment Some of […]

Solar Floating Resort

Solar Floating Resort and a Green Vacation Concept to Die For

The truth is that using solar energy in hotels and resorts isn’t considered to be a new idea, but still it looks like there are some people that are able to come up with new concepts. Michele Puzzolante created the idea of a floating luxury hotel that uses dye sensitized, low cost solar cells. This […]

Japan Nuclear Disaster

Japan Nuclear Disaster Consequences – Radioactive Tuna on LA Coast

Japan faced one of the most devastating disasters in March 2011, when they had to deal with the wrath of the earth and the sea in the form of earthquakes and a tsunami. These natural disasters damaged the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactors causing considerable radiation exposure on land, in air and the surrounding seas. Then […]