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Pollution Is Shifting

Pollution Is Shifting Tropics and Subtropics – Should We Be Scared?

According to the recent studies, the pollution caused by people makes the tropics and sub-tropics shift towards the poles. This study also says that the pollutants include black carbon soot and tropospheric ozone. The spreading out of the tropics happens at the rate of 0.7° latitude in one century. Naturally the greenhouse gases also contribute […]

Rhino Wars Update

Rhino Wars Update – Can Rhinos Survive as a Species?

We have to face the truth: there is a rhino war. These gentle and sweet animals are hunted for their horns that can be found on their noses. It looks like they are really unlucky. We should consider them something like a unicorn and they are the only ones we’ve got. What’s happening? Many people […]

Mothers Day Gifts

5 Green Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

All children should offer something to their mother on this occasion. In this case you should consider the green gifts to also honor Mother Earth. There are a lot of different green gifts that you could prepare for your mother that she will like and that won’t do any harm to the environment. 1. Prepare […]

Eco Friendly Hotels for 2012

Opt for Eco Friendly Hotels for 2012 Vacation

Planning for your next vacation? Consider booking a room at an eco-friendly hotel. There are numerous things to think about ranging from organic linens to environmental certification. The truth is that being organic means a lot more than recycling and eating organically. LEED certification This certification is the gold standard for hotels, restaurants and other […]

Water Desalination

UAE Open to the Idea of Water Desalination by Solar Energy

The countries of the Gulf Operation Council may start using solar energy for the desalination of water. The plants used until now, required a lot of energy and they weren’t very efficient. The old systems will last for only about 30 years, so the people of this region have to think about an efficient replacement. […]