Improve Your Home’s Efficiency with the Right Window Treatments


Window treatments are often one of the best ways to accent or complete the design of a room, and trying to find the perfect ones is rarely an easy task. However, besides increasing aesthetic, the right window coverings and treatments can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your windows, and you don’t have to sacrifice a nice look either.

When shopping for great window coverings and treatments, simply keep the following about each in mind so that you can purchase those that will be well worth the money spent:

Right Window Treatments


In the summer, awnings can greatly reduce the amount of solar heat coming in to your home – nearly 65 percent on southern windows and 77 percent on westerns windows. While older styled awnings were often deemed unattractive because of their metal which quickly faded in color and had to be replaced regularly, they are now made of more attractive synthetic fabrics.

Regardless of which type of awning you decide to purchase for your windows, make sure that they have grommets, or eyelets, which will allow for proper ventilation, so heat doesn’t get trapped in the awning. Also try to choose a hood styled awning as these are the most effective at blocking direct sunlight.

Interior Blinds

During the winter, interior blinds aren’t always very effective. Because of their numerous openings, they are quick to let out heat and cold air in. However, in the winter, interior blinds are highly effective, as they can reduce incoming heat by up to 45 percent. So if you want effective interior blinds, make sure to get those with minimal openings with thicker and more highly reflective slats.


Don’t be afraid to rotate your draperies to better accommodate your weather. During the winter, you will want to put up heavier draperies and keep them closed at night to reduce heat loss by 10 percent. You will again, want to open these windows on a bright and sunny winter day to draw in as much heat as possible.

During the summer however, you will want to keep your drapes closed during the day and keep them in the medium colored family preferably with white backings. This should help reduce heat gain by 33 percent. Regardless of the season, you will also want to place a cornice box over your drapes and seal the sides with a quick strip of velcro to further control heat gain and loss by 25 percent.

While hunting for that perfect window treatment or covering can seem like an endless hunt after numerous trips to the home design or renovation store, finding ones that are both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient can benefit a room in more ways than one. Not only will they make a room pleasing to your eye and comfortable for your guests, but great window treatments can also help you save on those utility bills which seem to be getting higher with each passing year.


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