Hybrid Baby Lexus for Greener Consumers


Many manufacturers are thinking about coming up with hybrid cars to make sure that in the future the roads will be filled with cars that don’t have gas emissions. The use of the electric vehicles is supported by the economic situation and also by the concern for the environment.

Naturally the infrastructure that is needed for such a change isn’t completely ready but since more and more cars of this kind are hitting the roads, this is a problem that ought to be solved sooner. Until we will be all able to use electric cars, the best thing we can do is to own a hybrid car.

Hybrid Baby Lexus(photo credit: www.autoexpress.co.uk)

Recently, Lexus has come up with a hybrid downsize SUV that is meant to help Toyota as well. The main point is to bring down models like Audi Q3, BMW X3 and Range Rover Evoque. It looks like in the future there will be an SUV of this kind released by Toyota as well that will increase the company’s market share.

The truth is that there are still a lot of secrets regarding the new model, there is one thing that is certain: it is going to be a hybrid model. Naturally this is no wonder if we take into consideration the models that the new model will try to compete with.

There is no other information available yet. We don’t know what kind of design it will have or how powerful it will be. Still there are some rumors regarding the price range, of about $48,000 in the United Kingdom.

You may think that the manufacturer is quite brave to introduce a car of this kind, but others could say that it is about time. At the moment there are quite few hybrid models, and the manufacturers who create new cars of this kind will be able to rule the market in the future.

The SUVs of Lexus had a lot of success and they have become very popular. Maybe this is why it took so long for the company to come up with a downsize SUV which is something different that they have been dealing with until now. Still we can expect the product to be successful because of the current trends. According to specialists, these are the cars of the future that all of us will own.


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