Eco-Upholstery: Top 6 Manufacturers


Many people are looking to revamp their homes in order to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. There are many ways to do this: Duro Last roofing, replacing your bulbs with CFLs, programming your thermostats, etc. One of the most frequent hindrances to people not upgrading their home appliances is simply not knowing who the most reliable green suppliers are.

Indeed, these days green manufacturers are on the rise and some of them put up the pretense of being aggressively environmental without walking the walk. Here are a few manufacturers you can rely on to supply your home with sustainable, environmentally eco-upholstery:

Eco-UpholsteryKnoll Textiles

With the creation of Abacus, this furniture manufacturer has jumped to the top of eco-textile industry, offering consumers furniture panels that have the consistency of virgin wool but fabric that is completely recycled polyester taken from production scraps.

As a member of the Clinton Global Initiative Energy and Climate Change Working Group, Knoll Textiles is proving its mettle in the green industry, having invested a considerable amount of money into green manufacturing and sustainable harvesting.

Rohner Textil

This Swiss manufacturer has created a biodegradable fabric called Climatex, which is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified (meaning it complies with a holistic, efficient, and eco-friendly approach to resource allocation) and made almost entirely from a renewable plant known as Ramie. Rohner Textil has another textile called Climatex LifeguardFR, which is chemical-free and made of wool and renewable beech wood.


Kvadrat is a Danish company that produces environmentally friendly luxury textiles. Hallingdal, made from wool and viscose, is just one of the many products they produce under strict regulatory oversight which ensures ecological sustainability. They also produce biodegradable fabrics, such as Flora, Kosmos, and Helix.

Oliveira Textiles

This company creates a wide variety of eco-friendly textiles, including Anemone (made from seaweed, hemp, organic cotton, and twill), Shellgame (which is made entirely from hemp twill, or a combination of hemp and organic cotton twill), and its flagship Ocean Collection, which made from sustainable, renewable hemp and organic cotton.

O Ecotextiles

Known for their Hardy Organic Hemp, which is made entirely of long fiber hemp sourced by independent, sustainable farmers in Romania, O Textiles has an extremely good rating from the U.S. Green Building Council and has won awards for its devotion to green fabric.

Luna Textiles

Luna Textiles has based many of its materials on the MBDC Cradle to Cradle criteria and won industry accolades for creating the first polyester produced completely in accordance with 100% green manufacturing. Mezzanine, which was produced in conjunction with Victor Innovatex, is also made of Eco Intelligent polyester.

These aren’t the only companies making progressive strides in the green manufacturing industry, but they do represent an evolution in how commercial entities view their responsibilities to the environment and to eco-conscious consumers across the world. Any company or person who is in need of fabrics and textiles for upholstery or other construction projects, should look into the products outlined above. Hopefully, more companies in different industries will follow suit in the coming years.


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