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Cities To Become Giant Reflectors

World’s Cities to Become Giant Reflectors to Fight Global Warming

Some recent scientific discoveries started to promote the metamorphose of cities into sunlight reflectors to fight global warming. From theory to actual result If people would start replacing the surface regular rooftops and roads with lighter materials, they could make a change in the level of carbon-monoxide emissions. Still, the idea was received with skepticism […]

Coffee Drinking Habit

6 Ways to Make Your Coffee Drinking Habit a Greener One

We can all benefit from a coffee in the morning, right? If you are one of the people having coffee regularly, there are some things you could do in order to turn this habit into a green one that will help you enjoy your beverage and help the environment in the same time. 1. Reusable […]

Hybrid Baby Lexus

Hybrid Baby Lexus for Greener Consumers

Many manufacturers are thinking about coming up with hybrid cars to make sure that in the future the roads will be filled with cars that don’t have gas emissions. The use of the electric vehicles is supported by the economic situation and also by the concern for the environment. Naturally the infrastructure that is needed […]

Lightweight Materials Development

US Administration and 142 Million Funded for Lightweight Materials Development

A lot of people may wonder why the government would invest that much money in the development and deployment of lightweight materials. The main point is that this way the vehicles would need less fuel so the dependence of the U.S. on foreign oil would be reduced. At the same time, the drivers would be […]

Right Window Treatments

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency with the Right Window Treatments

Window treatments are often one of the best ways to accent or complete the design of a room, and trying to find the perfect ones is rarely an easy task. However, besides increasing aesthetic, the right window coverings and treatments can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your windows, and you don’t have to sacrifice a […]


Eco-Upholstery: Top 6 Manufacturers

Many people are looking to revamp their homes in order to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. There are many ways to do this: Duro Last roofing, replacing your bulbs with CFLs, programming your thermostats, etc. One of the most frequent hindrances to people not upgrading their home appliances is simply not knowing who […]