Trendy Tips for a Greener 2012


Being green is a major trend on its own, but there are some tips that are gaining more and more popularity. In case you would like to make sure that this year will be greener, you should adopt some of these tips.

Make the most of it

Although it seems something minor, you should think about all the toothpaste that you have to throw away because you can’t get it out of the tube. When it seems to be empty just cut it in half and you could use all paste that is left for a few extra days. Just add up all the toothpaste that you threw away until now.

Tips For Greener 2012Reduced scale

Another thing you could be thinking about is to be using less of everything including shampoo, toothpaste, and conditioner. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use any.

Just reduce the amount a bit and you will find that the same products will last longer.


While you are using a worm composter, you could use a regular one too. In this case in case you have too much food for the worms or you have something that they can’t eat, you will have something to do with it.

Old toothbrush

Once you aren’t able to use the old toothbrush anymore, there are some other uses that it is just great for. There are all sorts of things that you could use them for, such as cleaning the tracks on doors and windows, the edges of the bathtub and a toothbrush can even be used to clean jewelry.

Flush it

Usually the water that is used by the washing machine goes down the drain. Nonetheless if you place the hose into a bucket and you save the water, you could use it to flush the toilet and so you will need less clean water for this purpose.


You don’t need to buy new bags every time you go to the supermarket. Instead you should make sure that you have some reusable bags in a larger bag in the car or in the messenger basket of the bike, and reuse the ones that you already have.

Turn it off

You don’t need light for every activity that you do, so try to use electricity as little as possible, For example you don’t need light for meditating or doing yoga. For sure there are some other activities of this kind as well.


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