Making your Home Eco-Friendly: Things That Save You Money

ecofriendly home

As purse strings tighten and the world increasingly shifts its focus to eco-friendly products and lifestyles, it’s hard to overlook the money-saving benefits that more environmentally-aware products bring to the table.

Research from insurance provider Castle Cover showed that utility prices have increased drastically over recent years, so while shopping around can save you money on your bills there is still a lot more you can do to reduce your outgoings such as switching your car to LPG which will help you hang onto a bit more cash.

ecofriendly home

The process of making your home greener has a little more to it than simply adding energy-saving light bulbs to each socket of the home, yet these little-considered tips will also help lighten the load on your bank account!

Firstly, a lot of electricity can be saved by using a clothes airer. While tumble driers are certainly effective, they can use massive amounts of electricity and won’t help your clothes stay looking their best, as they can damage the fibres. Should you have a bit of space on your ceiling, consider fitting a drying rack that can take advantage of the warmest part of the room.

Consider, too, the benefits of fitting aerators to taps. Should your taps have a screw thread on the outlet, you could really save the environment and money as these little gadgets mix water with air to give you a full flow, despite using a lot less H2O. Similarly, if you decide that new taps are needed, ensure they come with aerators as standard.

Adding draught proofing to all doors and windows will also cut down on your energy bills for such a small cost. Closing all air gaps around these fixings with the simple use of self-adhesive flexible strips available is easy and effective, and they can be bought in pretty much any home improvement shops.

There are also plenty of natural, safe and cheap things you can buy at a supermarket that will provide you with real results without carrying the usual price tag. What’s more, you can make a lot of these products yourself. Vinegar, for example, is a fantastic thing to use to clean and disinfect glass, as well as a whole host of other surfaces. Tougher stains may only require you to add bicarbonate of soda to this vinegar cleaner.

Finally, if you do buy electronics, always look out for the Energy Saving Trust’s “Recommended” logo. This is only given to appliances that receive an A+ or A++ rating. This video provides more information about what the Recommended Logo means.


If you’re struggling to choose the product that’s best for you – whether it’s a washing machine, toaster or microwave – theEnergy Saving Trust has an online database of all models that save money for you in the long-term.


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