7 Green Jobs to Look for This Year


A green job refers to a workplace that helps to restore or preserve the quality of the environment. These jobs are just perfect for the people who would like to feel like they make a difference in the world and who opt for living an environment friendly life.

1. Farmer

At the moment the average age of the American farmers is of 55. Sustainable agriculture is a very important field at the moment, and there is need for more urban gardeners, CSA coordinators and farmers market, not to mention artisanal cheese makers.

Farmer - Green Jobs2. Forester

Forestry in the modern meaning of the word is a combination of conservation, international project finance and development. According to official information, at the moment there are about 1.6 billion people who earn their living from the forest, and this is a field that is responsible for the carbon emissions.

3. Solar power installer

Nowadays there are about 770,000 jobs in the field of installing and making solar power systems. The good thing about this workplace is that it comes with a relatively high wage of 15-35 dollars per hour in case the person in question also has some construction skills.

4. Energy efficiency builder

About 48% of the greenhouse gas emissions and power use is due to the buildings. There are 43,000 accredited professionals to green the buildings. This is a work field that requires engineers, architects, retrofitters and workforce offering a job to lot of people.

5. Wind tube fabricator

When it comes to alternative energy, the majority of the people are thinking about wind. This field created about 300,000 workplaces all over the world. Since the turbines are made of metal, this field offers a workplace for autoworkers and some other manufacturers.

6. Conservation biologist

At the moment it is very important to maintain the integrity of the ecosystems and so a lot of opportunities are created regarding teaching, field work and research for the departments of the government, private companies and nonprofit organizations.

7. Entrepreneur and green MBA

The majority of green jobs are offered by the fields of legal, consulting and research. These fields have offered 400,000 workplaces. In this field there is a wide range of activities that can be performed. In case you are looking for a green job, these are some options you might want to consider. Before you decide upon a job you should consider the knowledge and expertise that you have in some field.


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