A World Hunger Solution – Polyculture Tower Concept


There are more and more people talking about world hunger, and this is a matter that the specialists have to address. It looks like they have managed to come up with an idea to feed the ever growing population in the form of a special building that would produce food.

This building became Polyculture Tower and it makes farming possible, along with the other related activities even in urban settings. With the help of this special building it will be possible to meet the needs of food of people and the best thing about it is that all this happens in an environmental friendly way without having any carbon emissions.

World Hunger Solution(photo credit: www.ecofriend.com)

We can be sure that a building that has so many advantages and does so good will be quickly adopted by the population. It has been created by an architect from Savannah, called Connor Nicholas. The design of the building is a more special one since there are almost no straight lines in the design. Even more we could say that the building looks like a twisted oversized bottle.

We have to admit that the design is truly remarkable. The entire structure is supported by a log column found in the center that can be found in the entire structure. The angularity of the building is given by the criss-cross structures.

The end result is quite tall and it also comes with several geopods. The main source of inspiration for the building has been the idea of polycultures that is a common agricultural practice. This means that different kinds of products are grown in the same place. The system makes it possible to control the living area of the products, and thus makes the process environmentally friendly.

This building could become an important part of the urban areas of a coal-free world. The best thing about the building is that it can be run on renewable energy.

This revolutionary concept of the solutions for food production isn’t the only one that the architect came up with since he showed a clear interest in this field of architecture. His main focus is on the urban areas, in making them more functional and less damaging for the surrounding areas.

There are some other concepts as well that people should give a thought, such as the ‘Urban Sponge’ or the ‘Tea House Pavilon’ that basically all have the same environmental concept.


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