What Changes Can You Make Around Your Home to Save Money?

evoenergy solar panel

Continuing pressures on personal budgets have made money-saving efforts across the home, such as installing solar panels from evoenergy.co.uk, increasingly popular as households struggle to keep purse strings tight.

Solar panel energy now accounts for approximately 20 per cent of the energy used per year. This is thought to have increased due to government schemes encouraging people to use alternative fuels and reduce carbon footprints.

evoenergy solar panel

There are different types of cash-back rewards to benefit solar panel users. As well as this incentive, an average three to four-bedroom house could make over £800 of tax-free savings on energy bills every year.

If you need to reduce your outgoings further, consider some of the following options.

There are countless instantly effective behavior-adjusting techniques, such as turning the heating down by a degree or two, right up to significant investments, like replacing windows and dry lining walls. These are all worth consideration as they will reduce long-term household expenditure.

It is worth assessing your property to find out what is causing the most heat loss and addressing that with the appropriate insulation. Around 35 per cent of heat is lost through uninsulated walls and 25 per cent through the roof, meaning a significant portion of the heat you are paying for is being completely wasted.

Upgrading your light bulbs and appliances to energy-efficient types will have a great impact on your bills. Altering family members’ bad habits and improving their energy awareness is also important – remember that leaving electrical goods on standby, overcharging devices and leaving fridge/freezer doors open too long are very common causes of wasted energy. Making these simple changes will quickly result in reduced utility bills.

Armed with some energy efficiency awareness tips and a little investment, you can stand to make impressive reductions in household expenses. By applying various methods, this can be achieved to have both long and short-term payoffs.


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