The Climate Change Doesn’t Have to Be Behind Greener Energy


You might have heard some voices claiming that we shouldn’t be so alarmed regarding the climate changes. Of course we should be careful about the way that we are using energy, but we should do so because of reasons that may be completely independent from the climate change.

Although people know that the change of the climate is a true threat, there are less and less people being concerned by it and one of the reasons for this is the poor economy, not to mention the emails that have been sent out by hackers and the corporate world that want individuals to think that there is nothing that they could personally do in this matter.

Climate ChangeIn 2010 there was a survey performed according to which only 47% of the people believe that climate changes are due to the human activity, while this percentage in 2008 went up to 57%.

Positive outlook

On the brighter side of things, it is possible that people don’t care that much about climate change anymore, because there are so many new kinds of energy resources. These resources will be able to set order in the world again and they will offer independence to the people from the energy’s point of view.

Besides this, there will be less pollution, new jobs will be created and people will be able to make a lot of economies.

The trends that are making people think more positively include an improvement of the energy intensity meaning that there are fewer emissions, conservation, the improvement of the use of wind power, and people are making more and more use of solar power.

Energy intensity is considered to be a relative measure and it means units of energy calculated per unit of GDP. It is shown that this measure might drop by 100% by 2035.

According to this, the energy needed to produce goods and services will drop by half.

The U. S. was able to show that in case of improved energy intensity, people can do a lot regarding emissions. In this region the greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by 7.5% in only one year. Although we also have to take the recession into consideration, this is responsible for only a small part of the improvements. The other improvements originated from carbon intensity and energy intensity.

You shouldn’t think that what you do doesn’t matter, because we can all do something for the world.


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