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fuel cell green taxi

Green Taxis: A Big Step in the Right Direction?

The world of taxis could be changing for the better in a big way very soon. While professional drivers are already saving money through LPG gas, low deals from Staveley Head taxi insurance and better driving techniques to lower fuel consumptions, an entirely new generation of taxis is emerging that could seriously work in the […]

World Hunger Solution

A World Hunger Solution – Polyculture Tower Concept

There are more and more people talking about world hunger, and this is a matter that the specialists have to address. It looks like they have managed to come up with an idea to feed the ever growing population in the form of a special building that would produce food. This building became Polyculture Tower […]

Green Cars of 2012 - Vauxhall Ampera

Top Green Cars of 2012

There are more and more environmentally conscious people, and in case they are looking to get a new car, it has to be green. There are a lot of different options, and so you might be wondering which one would be the best choice for you. (photo credit: 1. Vauxhall Ampera The good news […]

evoenergy solar panel

What Changes Can You Make Around Your Home to Save Money?

Continuing pressures on personal budgets have made money-saving efforts across the home, such as installing solar panels from, increasingly popular as households struggle to keep purse strings tight. Solar panel energy now accounts for approximately 20 per cent of the energy used per year. This is thought to have increased due to government schemes […]

Solar Plant

2012 News from the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

In case you are interested in solar power, you might already know that the largest solar power plant of the world can be found in Spain and it goes by the name of Andrasol. The latest news regarding the plant is that the third unit has been commissioned a little while ago. The first two […]

Eco Printing

Eco-Printing: The Future of Business Promotions

Any forward-thinking business wants to be at the forefront of printing developments, especially if they encompass “green measures”. Given the increased environmental awareness of both customers and businesses, more and more companies are choosing to incorporate eco-printing to their everyday operations to protect the environment and add an ethical string to their reputational bow. If […]

Climate Change

The Climate Change Doesn’t Have to Be Behind Greener Energy

You might have heard some voices claiming that we shouldn’t be so alarmed regarding the climate changes. Of course we should be careful about the way that we are using energy, but we should do so because of reasons that may be completely independent from the climate change. Although people know that the change of […]