Is Toxic Waste Cleaning Possible with Eco Friendly Tools?


Toxic wastes are also known as hazardous wastes and these are dangerous in case of humans and animals, since they can lead to death. The worst thing about them is that they can spread to their surrounding areas and they can contaminate the soil, rivers, air and so on.

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Activated carbon cloth

This is something that the scientists came up with 30 years ago. This is an inexpensive way to deal with cleansing and management of toxic elements. There are various kinds of clothing that could be made of this material, and at the beginning it has been created for soldiers in order to protect them against chemical attacks. Nonetheless there are some other uses of this material as well, such as filtering toxins and drugs from drinking water, or the filtering of the air or cleaning the toxic spills.

Cleaning gel

It is a well-known fact that the tsunami that hit Japan this year resulted in a lot of toxic waste. The biggest threat has been represented by the nuclear plants that have been hit by the tsunami and thus there were some toxic substances that were leaking from these plants. In order to make sure that such spills will never occur again in the future, a new gel has been created that got the name of DeconGel.

The company that produces it says that at the beginning it comes in the form of a liquid, and it can be added to any kind of contaminated surface. Then the liquid turns into a gel that traps the radioactive particles and other dangerous substances like chromium, beryllium, PCBs or mercury. It is quite easy to remove the gel and then people just have to discard of them.


It has been found that the regular earthworms can process and digest the toxic substances that come with toxic metals. These can often be found in the surroundings of old industrial plants. We could say that the worms are actually digestive systems that can move around and we have a lot to benefit from the fact that they can transform the organic matters into nutrients in the form of enriched soil.

According to the latest studies, these worms can be used in order to get rid of metals and other toxic materials. The researchers managed to produce worm soil also known as vermicompost that is able to absorb waste water that has been compromised.


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