Real Christmas Trees Are Greener than the Fake Ones


We have all heard about the theory that it is better to get artificial Christmas tree because this way there is no need to chop down the real trees. Still at this point things change again and scientists say that it is better to have an actual tree because the carbon footprint is 10 times smaller than in the case of an artificial tree.

How much does it cost us?

If you opt for an artificial tree of about 6 ft., it is just as damaging as if you toasted 5,222 slices of bread or you drove 120 miles in a car of average size. On the other hand, if you opt for the real trees, it is equivalent to toasting 418 slices and driving a bit less than ten miles.

Real Christmas TreesWhy get the artificial trees?

It is said that the advice to do away with the artificial trees comes from the company called Carbon Trust that belongs to the government. The company comes up with ideas that would make it possible for people to cut back the carbon emissions.

Christmas time

According to official information, the carbon footprint of the consumers increases by 6% during the winter holidays. This is because of all the gifts that they buy, the car trips that they have to visit their family and friends, and the extra food that they buy that ends up going to waste.

The main idea behind the artificial trees has been for the consumers to be able to reuse the same tree year after year. There are some people who really took this advice because up to now about 300,000 trees have been sold in only one store.

Although these trees are reusable, you need to use the same tree for ten years to make it better than the real trees. It is said that in case the artificial tree gets to the landfill, it will produce emissions equivalent to 40 kg of carbon dioxide while a real tree has emissions equivalent to just 3.5 kg of carbon dioxide.

Naturally there are some other ways as well for you to get rid of your tree. As an example, you could chip it and shatter it around the garden or burn it. It looks like everything is better than the fake trees. At this point the choice is yours.


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