Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables


Before we can even start thinking about growing organic fruits or vegetables, there is another factor that we have to consider: organic soil. This is the most important aspect of gardening that is sometimes overlooked by the beginner gardeners.

In case the soil has a high quality, you will be able to grow the vegetables faster and most probably you won’t have to handle pests and diseases that often. When preparing the soil you have to think about water retention and also about the balance of the nutrients.

Organic VegetablesSoil nutrients

There are three main nutrients that you have to think about: phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. In order to have an idea regarding what you have to do, you should start with testing the soil.

In some cases even if you buy the soil from a composting company it might have deficiencies of nitrogen, for example.


This is an important nutrient during the growing phase of the plants. The truth is that the plants don’t actually use nitrogen, but nitrates that are created by specific bacteria from nitrogen. The only downside of nitrogen is that it washes quickly from the soil and this is why it has to be replenished before or during the growing season.

Nonetheless it is important to remember that too much nitrogen can do harm. You could have huge and strong plants that don’t produce fruits. Some of the gardeners add coffee beans to the soil because they are rich in nitrogen, but, on the other hand, the procedure increases the acidity of the soil.


In case the soil is rich in phosphorus, the plants will have strong roots and it is also important during the flower production. Add the phosphorus during the fall. One aspect to consider is that during the growing period the plants need more nitrogen, while during flower production it is better to have more phosphorus.


This is a nutrient that improves the overall well-being of the plants through improving their immune system. This is done by supporting the production of proteins and carbohydrates that are important for the growth of the plant. Just as nitrogen, potassium also washes away easily, and so it needs to be replenished.

One of the best sources to replenish potassium is to add wood ash to the soil. Still you should remember that it increases the acidity of the soil, so it is suitable only for alkaline soil.


This is another aspect to consider, because this shows the level of acidity of the soil. The higher the acidity, the lower the pH value is. The values vary between 1 and 14, and 7 represents the neutral value.

In case you managed to create the perfect soil, you could use it in case of a greenhouse, to make use of it all year long. Visit this website to find what you have been looking for. There are numerous designs and all of them are durable and sturdy, as they are supposed to be.


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