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Toxic Waste Cleaning

Is Toxic Waste Cleaning Possible with Eco Friendly Tools?

Toxic wastes are also known as hazardous wastes and these are dangerous in case of humans and animals, since they can lead to death. The worst thing about them is that they can spread to their surrounding areas and they can contaminate the soil, rivers, air and so on. (photo credit: Activated carbon cloth This […]

Organic Vegetables

Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

Before we can even start thinking about growing organic fruits or vegetables, there is another factor that we have to consider: organic soil. This is the most important aspect of gardening that is sometimes overlooked by the beginner gardeners. In case the soil has a high quality, you will be able to grow the vegetables […]

Solar Training Courses

What Exactly Are Solar Training Courses?

We can see a lot of houses that come with solar panels, but there are only a few people who think about the fact that there is need for professionals installing them. In case this is a field that you are interested in, you should know that there are numerous different Solar Training Courses you […]

Solar Panels Huddersfield

Discovering the Truth About Solar Panel Installation

We all know that using solar panels is just great, but there are only a few people who can afford to have them installed, because the initial investment is pretty large. Nonetheless in case you take a look at the advantages that the government has to offer, you may see that your effort isn’t that […]

Vitopod Heated Propagators

How to Use a Propagator the Green Way

Most probably you have heard about propagators before, but you may not know which one to choose for different purposes. You should know that there are different kinds of them, and in the end you just have to choose the one that works best for your purposes. Vitopod heated propagators This is a propagator that has […]

ethanol production in the us infographic

Ethanol Production and Consumption Stats in the U.S. (Infographic)

Ethanol is a biofuel that is slowly replacing petroleum for the good. The United States is the world’s largest manufacturer of ethanol, producing 863,000 barrels of ethanol per day. Corn crop which is used in the production of ethanol is cultivated in millions of acres of land. The following infographic presents the overall picture of […]

chevrolet volt

The Top Green Cars of 2011

Every family has at least one car, but many of them have one for each member of the family. This means a lot of cars, and so a lot of these people have realized that they are doing a lot of harm to nature, forcing them to try to switch to green cars. Which one […]

Frugal Christmas Holidays

The 2011 Guide to Frugal Christmas Holidays

Are you aware how big is the carbon footprint of a Christmas shopping spree? The studies show that it is quite considerable especially because we tend to buy a lot of stuff and spend the cash on things that will increase the landfills. Although the majority of the people think that the Christmas holidays need […]

Real Christmas Trees

Real Christmas Trees Are Greener than the Fake Ones

We have all heard about the theory that it is better to get artificial Christmas tree because this way there is no need to chop down the real trees. Still at this point things change again and scientists say that it is better to have an actual tree because the carbon footprint is 10 times […]