Thanksgiving and Greening Your Holliday


Although a lot of people think otherwise, the holidays are the season when people could do the most to have a green living and to reduce the carbon footprint. Nonetheless you might not know about some of the options that you have.


Thanksgiving is the period when the majority of people go to visit their family. Nonetheless it may be a better idea to stay at home, because there are traffic jams, and you can also be sure that the airports are packed as well. However in case you must go somewhere, one of the options you have to consider is taking the train. It is a lot better for the environment than going by car or by plane.

Thanksgiving and GreeningGo simple

You could be one of those people that would like to amaze the guests with exotic dishes with products from all over the world, but usually this isn’t necessary. People are happy to have the traditional dishes, and this way you can do a favor to the local economy.

Another advantage if you don’t make 6 courses and 14 different dishes is that you will consume a lot less electricity.

Local consumption

If you opt for the traditional dishes, the majority of the ingredients that you need can be grown in approximately 100 miles from your home. There are a lot of goodies that you can find on the markets in this time of year, such as squash, potatoes, greens, pumpkins, yams and also evergreen herbs, such as sage and rosemary. Think about visiting the local farms to find the turkey that you need for dinner.

Vegan food

You may have been thinking about trying the vegan dishes, and this might be the best time to actually try them. You could be surprised about the number of different dishes that you could make, so it is possible that you won’t even notice that the turkey is missing.

Organic beverages

In case you are going to have guests from other parts of the country, you could have beverages from wineries and breweries that are local to show off the specialties of the region. In case there aren’t any, opt for the organic brews that you can find in just any supermarket.

You may see that there are a lot of options to make sure that you will have a green Thanksgiving and you can be sure that nature will be grateful.


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