Solar Powered Sports Arenas – The Future Smiles of Sport Competitions


There are a lot of different things that all nations share, and one of them is sports. There are huge sports arenas all over the world, but we also should consider that these need a lot of energy to function or to be able to host different sports events. Knowing this, there are some sports stadiums that went to the extremes, and now they are totally green.

Solar Powered Sports Arena(photo by

Dragon Stadium

You can find this one inTaiwanand this is the first sports stadium to be entirely green, presented in 2009. There are 8,844 solar panels that are meant to offer the stadium the energy that it needs, of 1.14 kWh. With this it is possible to light all the 3,300 lights and the two scoreboards. There is even some extra energy produced, and this is sold by the government.

Stade de Suisse

This stadium is to be found inBern,Switzerlandand it has 7,000 solar panels on the roof since 2005. These produce 1,200,000 kWh that is just enough to supply with power 400 households.


The stadium is the home of San Francisco Giants. In this case there have been only 600 panels used of 120 kW each. It is true that this stadium isn’t as impressive as the other ones that have been mentioned, the panels produce enough electricity to power the scoreboards, equivalent to the needs of 40 households.

Easy Credit Stadium

It is home to FC Nurnberg football club, and so you might have guessed that it is located in Germany. The solar system of the stadium has been added in 2006. It can be found on the roof, and it is able to produce 140 kWh each year.


This is one of the most important stadiums in the history of baseball, home to the Boston Red Sox. Although it has been opened in 1912, there has been some work done with it later, in 2008, when the solar panels have been added. These offer enough power to supply about 37% of the needed hot water. There are some other ecological features as well that the stadium comes with, including well timed irrigation, recycling, composting and a lot more.

People should make a sport of going green, and the truth is that there is some competition among the buildings to be as green as possible. We can expect to see some more advancements of this kind in the future.


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