All the Right Reasons to Build a Glasshouse


Have you been doing the same thing in your garden, year after year? Would you like to change the routine? Maybe it is time to make a change and try getting a glasshouse. Getting one could mean a great new project for you, and they could ensure you that you have access to organically grown fresh vegetables. They are also great even in case you would only like to have a sanctuary to keep your favorite plants safe from pests and cold.

Having a glasshouse has numerous benefits, such as the fact that you can protect your plants against the heat of the summer and you can control the cold of winter as well. You will have the possibility to grow a wide range of plants over a longer period of time. You also protect the soil against the damaging effects of the rodents and insects, thus protecting the plants.

Glass HousesBefore you actually get a glasshouse or you build one, you should take a look at the kind of glasshouses that are available. Also consider the amount of money that you are willing to invest in the glasshouse itself, the supplies and the continuous maintenance.

There are 2 main types of available glasshouses: freestanding and attached.

Freestanding glasshouses such as these are perfect for the serious gardeners that would like to create a glasshouse from ground up. It takes more time to build such a glasshouse and it needs plumbing, electricity and heating. In order to get it done, you might need to hire a building contractor and a heating expert to suggest you the suitable building materials for the glasshouse.

In case you opt for the freestanding glasshouse, you will have the possibility to choose the location of the building and also the angle, so that it will face the sun. The professionals say that if you have this possibility build the glasshouse towards the north-south direction, the long side facing south. This way the glasshouse will get the most sunlight possible.

The majority of the freestanding glasshouses have peaked or curved roofs and since they have a rectangular or square shape, you will have a lot of space to grow your plants. When planning the location of the building you will have to take into consideration the size of it, drainage, sunlight and ventilation because all these factors influence the kind of plants that you will be able to grow.

The best types of plants to be growing in these glasshouses are the warm climate vegetables because they require a lot of sunlight, moderate night temperatures and also solar heat collectors. The majority of these plants are planted during the early spring and they include lima beans, corn, cantaloupe, tomatoes, squash and pumpkins.

In case you would like to have fewer problems when building the glasshouse, you should contact a professional company that has a lot of experience in building top notch glasshouses. In case you would like to see what such a company has to offer, you may find the most suitable glasshouse for your and your family’s needs.

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