The World Trade Center Replaced by the Certified Greenest City Complex


We all heard about the tragedy that happened at the World Trade Center, but that is the past and now the world will see there something new and something more than eye-catching.

The new skyscraper is going to be LEED certified. This is a special kind of certification given to those buildings that have been built with a special aim: saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, being water efficient, intelligent resource management or increasing indoor environment quality.

The builders of the building are going for the gold certificate, that would be a first for a building of this kind. This would mean zero CO2 footprint, and reducing the energy needs 20% below the requirements.

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One of the most important parts of the project is to have dimming lights. This means that in case there is enough light coming from the windows, the lights would be dimmed, reducing the needs for energy.

Another advantage of the idea is that it won’t only help with energy consumption, but it will be healthier to work in the offices for the workers; they will have an increased productivity, they will have healthier bones and they won’t be affected by minor illnesses.


During the process of building the skyscraper the workers are allowed to use only ‘clean diesel’ that is said to be one of the cleanest fuels of them all. The idea has been so effective that the authorities require all the constructions to use such fuels, except for the construction of roads. Another action that has been taken is to get all the machines equipped with filters to keep the air cleaner.

Some measures will also be taken after the construction is over; there will some other monitors added as well that are meant to control the level of CO2 to see the evolution of the air quality.


There is a lot of rain falling in New York, and so the designers of the tower will not allow it to run into the draining systems, but they are going to use it in an evaporative cooling system.


New York, just as the majority of the areas of the U. S. needs air conditioning in the majority of the year, and the designers have found a good way to achieve this with a minimal impact on the environment: using the water of Hudson River as the cooling element. The system will be used in the non-commercial areas too.

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