The Mighty iPad and How to Make It Green


The iPads are gaining more and more popularity during these days and this is why there are a lot of designers who have come up with eco-friendly accessories to make the use of these little gadgets greener.

Ipad Case


The sleeves that we are talking about have been made of sustainable cork originating from Portugaland then they have been manually created in theUnited Kingdom.

In case you would like to have one of these little things, you should know that the cork comes in only one color, but in case of the stitching you have several options to choose from.

Pakuma Eco-Cocoon

What makes this item interesting? Both the lining and the outer materials are made of recycled plastic bottles. There is also protective foam used that is recycled too.

The packaging of the product is made of recycled paper and the printing has been done with the help of soy based ink. There are four different sizes to choose from and two different colors.

Marware Eco-Flip and Eco-Vue

In the majority of the cases people opt for black casing, and this is why this product is also black. The main material that the product is made of is organic leather. The difference between this leather and regular leather is that in this case during the process of tanning there have been fewer toxins used. The difference between the two products is that one of them opens like a book and the other one opens like a notebook.


These products are manufactured by hand in Salt Lake City, and it is good to know about the company that it donates a given percentage of the incomes to buy land in environmentally sensitive areas. The product itself is make of fleece and hemp and it offers a snug fit, so that there will be no slack between the iPad and the case.

Vers Audio Bamboo iPad Case

This is an elegant product that is made of hardwood and renewable bamboo. For strength there is a hidden metal frame. It is interesting to know about the company that for every tree that it uses, it plants 100 back with the help of its partners. The ingredients that are used for the product all come from the US.

As you may see, using iPads can be made more eco-friendly if you choose the right accessories from the right places.


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