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Ipad Case

The Mighty iPad and How to Make It Green

The iPads are gaining more and more popularity during these days and this is why there are a lot of designers who have come up with eco-friendly accessories to make the use of these little gadgets greener. Corksleeves The sleeves that we are talking about have been made of sustainable cork originating from Portugaland then […]

Seasonal Food

Seasonal Food and Going Green for Winter

In our days people are used to the fact that they can eat whatever they want whenever they want because there is almost nothing that they cannot find in supermarkets. Nonetheless, we have to consider that this isn’t exactly good for the environment, not to mention flavor and cost. Climate In the majority of the […]

Tech Detox

Is Tech Detox Making You Greener

Although when people refer to addiction they usually think of some kind of substance, in our days more and more people are talking about Internet addiction. According to the specialists we should have a day off in every case, such as an alcohol free day, or a day or period when we don’t watch any […]

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center Replaced by the Certified Greenest City Complex

We all heard about the tragedy that happened at the World Trade Center, but that is the past and now the world will see there something new and something more than eye-catching. The new skyscraper is going to be LEED certified. This is a special kind of certification given to those buildings that have been […]

Green Traveling

Green Traveling: Farm Cottage Holidays in the UK

The majority of us are familiar with a certain lifestyle and its associated creature comforts. So familiar, in fact, that many people strive to experience something entirely different when they go on holiday. Farm cottage holidays in the UK may offer precisely the change that some people need. Available throughout the UK from specialists such […]

Solar Decathlon

2011 Solar Decathlon is On

Usually when it comes to building energy economic houses the most important counter argument is that the initial investment is so large that only a few people could even think about getting such houses. Nonetheless the winning project of the 2011 Solar Decathlon has proven people wrong from this point of view. It has been […]