The Best Tips to Make Your Fall Greener


Although during fall the leaves are changing their colors, there are some ways through which you could ensure that your fall will still stay green.

The food

At the moment there are numerous different kinds of foods and vegetables that you can find on the local markets, including beets, peppers, watermelon, arugula, raspberries, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, apples and other kinds of goodies that fall has to offer. You can enjoy them fresh or make stews of them for the chilly fall days.

Make The Fall GreenerComposting

It is common for people to be using the food waste as compost, but you could do the same in case of leaves, twigs, grass, plant trimmings and other organic waste. The compost bins are easy set up and to manage and by spring you will have rich soil.

Pay a visit to a farm

There are numerous apple farms all over the country that are worth to be visited during the fall. Also you could be thinking about visiting farms producing beets, pumpkins, raspberries, squash, gourds and other plants. These little trips are great for family fun, hanging out with friends or even a first date.

Back to school

Fall is the perfect time to learn a bit about being green, so you could take a class at a co-op. There are numerous topics to choose from, including holistic nutrition, urban chicken farming, vegetarian cooking, eco updates for the house and many more.


In case you would like to make sure that you will have blooming plants in the spring, you should consider perennials. Those gardens that come with native plants help reducing the constant water run-off into the lakes, streams and rivers.


You don’t have to buy brand new clothes every time the weather changes. You could opt for recycled clothes as well. A major part of the pollution comes from producing clothing. In order to be greener, you could find numerous great stores offering used clothing for affordable prices. On the other hand you could also give away the clothing that you aren’t planning on using anymore.


Fall is said to be the perfect moment for having bike rides. It isn’t as hot as during the summer, but we can’t complain regarding the cold either. This is just the perfect time to get some exercise and to check out the beauty of nature, leaving the car that could contribute to pollution at home.

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