OLED – The Energy Free Building Display of the Future


Seeing LEDs in use is no news anymore, but it looks like there is more to it. In 2008 Ingo Mauer managed to use for the first time OLEDs in a functioning table lamp. This has been made of OSRAM (Opto Semiconductors) and this is the organic version of LEDs.

The lamp that he presented has been made of tiles right from the OSRAM laboratory and it shows people the potential that this new kind of lighting has regarding illumination and designing elements.

OLED(photo credit: www.oled-display.net)

The project got the name of ‘Early Future’ and it has been created without using concealing reflectors. All of the elements of the project have been presented to make people understand the way it works. There have been metal clips used to secure the OLED modules that have been placed in the stem, and the cables have been almost invisible.

Then another project has been realized and it was called the Flying Future. This is a larger object that is made of airy metal mesh with about 100 luminous panels being attached to it. Since the mesh can be bent, the lighting can be customized in almost any way.

It’s not only the shape that makes OLEDs special. There is a whole new technology behind the light. There are radiant surfaces that diffuse the light and so there is less shadow and less unnecessary reflections.

At the moment the technology is available only for the designer of these creations. The product that Ingo Mauer realized shows us that using OLEDs in the everyday life is more than possible and it is closer to us than we could imagine.

The OLED is actually a 10×10 cm tile that has a light output. The advantage besides being organic, is that the light emitted is homogenous and stable.

It’s not only table lamps that we can use the technology in, but also these new lamps could turn the skyscrapers into advertisement panels for night time able to function without any energy. Technically they will gather the energy during the day, store it and then use it at night.

The OLED tiles on the side of the buildings are fuelled by one if there sides that is actually a solar panel which is flipped, according to the time of day so it will gather the maximum energy output.

Wouldn’t it be just great to stop using all that energy for the LEP advertisement panels, and substitute them with organic OLED light? This is the way to go in case we would like a better world along with shinning building commercials.


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