Top Money Savers for the Green Frugal Living We Dream Of


Everybody is talking about the cost of living, but that cost is a relative one, because you can make those costs as big or small as you want them to be. But how to achieve this?

Meal planning

This is one of those ‘arts’ that will make it possible for you to save some money and you will be more efficient in using all the food. You should keep the planning simple and you should think ahead for a couple of days or even weeks. Once you are done with the plan, make sure to keep in it mind.

Green LivingThe portion sizes must be reasonable and when you are shopping opt for those ingredients that are nutritious but in the same time inexpensive.

Seasonal products

If you are looking for some fruits or vegetables that are out of season, consider getting the canned version. Also you might be thinking ahead and freeze or can the products that are in season for a later use.

Try to avoid buying out of season fruits and vegetables because these usually are quite expensive.

No to junk foods

In order to have an eco-friendly living, try to cut the junk food from your shopping list. It is known that soda, processed foods, chips, snacks and pre-made foods are quite expensive and they don’t have a high nutritional value anyway so you could be saving some money.

Coupons and sales

First look for the sales in the supermarket and you could check them out online as well. In case the saving is great on the sales you could get several items, but beware of overbuying. A lot of stores offer coupons that usually can be found in different newspapers or even online.


Having leftovers is not a bad thing and if you use them then no food will be wasted. You can be sure to find some creative ways to use them, such as adding them to quesadillas. As another example you could take the baked potatoes, dice them up and make pan-friend potatoes for breakfast or shred them for hash browns. If you use the leftovers you can save a lot of money and remember that wasted food is also wasted money.


Instead of buying lunch you should make your own using the leftovers from home, or plan lunches such as soups and salads. The food you make is cheaper than the food you buy.


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