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Back to School Tips

Frugal Living and Back to School Tips to Match This Trend

According to professionals this year it costs about $600 for the parents to send one child to school. Nonetheless the expenses can be minimized if you create a saving strategy and you stick to it. Inventory Before you actually start shopping look through the clothes of the child and see what you can use from […]

Make The Fall Greener

The Best Tips to Make Your Fall Greener

Although during fall the leaves are changing their colors, there are some ways through which you could ensure that your fall will still stay green. The food At the moment there are numerous different kinds of foods and vegetables that you can find on the local markets, including beets, peppers, watermelon, arugula, raspberries, cauliflower, potatoes, […]


OLED – The Energy Free Building Display of the Future

Seeing LEDs in use is no news anymore, but it looks like there is more to it. In 2008 Ingo Mauer managed to use for the first time OLEDs in a functioning table lamp. This has been made of OSRAM (Opto Semiconductors) and this is the organic version of LEDs. The lamp that he presented […]

Green Living

Top Money Savers for the Green Frugal Living We Dream Of

Everybody is talking about the cost of living, but that cost is a relative one, because you can make those costs as big or small as you want them to be. But how to achieve this? Meal planning This is one of those ‘arts’ that will make it possible for you to save some money […]

Eco Labeled Sea Food

Is Eco Labeled Sea Food Actually a Fraud?

We don’t always have to believe what we read on the labels of different products. This is the case of sustainable fish, such as the eco-labeled Chilean bass. Researchers handling this problem have found that not all of the fish have been MSC-labeled. Chilean bass is actually MSC-labeled. MSC is the abbreviation for Marine Stewardship […]