Purify Your Water the Green and Savvy Way


In case you would like to have clean water in a green way, all you need is a homemade water distiller. Although at first it may sound complicated, it can be done in about an hour. The items that you need for it include a metal pot, plastic hose, stove, stainless steel feed-through fitting, glass jug, detergent and water.

Purify Your Water

(photo credit: ecofriend.com)

Drill the holes in the pot

You need to make a hole in the lid of the pot and for this it is best to use a drill machine. Once you have the hole, insert the feed-through fitting. This should be made of stainless steel. Remember to keep the barbed end of the fitting outside of the pot.

Clean the metal pot

Make sure that the components of the water purifier are thoroughly cleaned. To make sure that you have the right results you should be using warm water and detergent. You need to clean the pot, the lid, the hose and also don’t forget about the glass jug. Once you are done with the washing, allow them to dry.

Getting the pot on the stove

Turn on the stove, and place the clean pot on it carefully. Add water to the pot, of about ¾ of its capacity. Allow the water to heat up. The vapors form in the moment when the temperature of the water reaches 200 degree Fahrenheit. These travel through the pipe that has been inserted through the hole that has been made through the lid. You should allow the steam to escape for about 5 minutes.

Add the plastic hose

After 5 minutes, attach the feed-through fitting with the plastic hose. This has the purpose of getting rid of the contaminants in case there are any. Also this ensures you that in the end you will have pure distilled water. At this moment you can start collecting the distilled water and all you have to do is to place the end of the hose in the glass jug.

The steam that is produced condenses and it turns into pure water. Once you have enough water, you can turn the stove off and allow the pot to cool down. You also have the possibility to use a water purifier or to boil water over a stove and use it. Although this water won’t be as pure as distilled water, it still will be safer than tap water.


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