Going Green Could Be as Easy as Switching Your Utility Company


We are all looking for ways to better our environment and our financial situations, and many to turn their homes for solutions. Our homes can run up high energy costs which increase our carbon footprint while decreasing our monthly checking accounts. To reduce energy consumption, many household are choosing solar or geothermal technologies while others are making simple updates such as new windows or proper insulation.

While all these green improvements can greatly reduce your energy consumption, they also come at a high initial price which not all households can afford. Paying $30,000 for a solar panel system isn’t easy to do, even with additional government grants, and finding a company to install a geothermal system is difficult as many are still in there developmental phases.

Energy Plus CompanyThere are other more inexpensive ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption, such as weather stripping and switching light bulbs, however, helping your environment can be as easy as switching your electricity provider.

Certain energy providers, such as Energy Plus Company , invest in more green technologies like solar and wind to help provide more consumers with cleaner energy sources.

Companies like these believe in the value of renewable energy sources, and use their clients’ dollars to help fund promising future green technologies as part of every utility bill goes towards funding these energies.

In addition to promoting more sustainable energies, Energy Plus Company rewards customers for doing something they already do monthly: paying their bills. Every time a client pays their monthly bill on time, they are able to receive rewards such as cash back, airline points, or educational rewards.

So not only are you going more green, but you are saving some too.

As everyone strives to become more sustainable in their actions and thinking, companies will continue to offer stronger incentives for consumers to invest in their green technologies. Electric and Hybrid cars are already seeing a hike in ownership, and thousands of urban dwellers are starting to enjoy urban or community gardening.

Going green doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars in up front costs. Performing tasks such as switching a light bulb or your electricity provider can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly spending all with very little effort.


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