Eco Friendly Printers to Reinvent Office Work


Although we are living in a digital world, there is still need for printed materials. There are many different kinds of printers, but there is something that they all have in common: they use a lot of energy and paper. This is why some people think that the printers should go green as well.

Eco printer concept

This is a new kind of printer that is different from all the others because it uses a special kind of ink. The novelty of it is that the ink allows the paper to be reused by erasing the ink from it. The ink disappears in the moment when the paper is exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Eco Friendly PrintersThis way the lifecycle of the paper is increased. People can reduce the amount of paper used for misprints, temporary handouts, unimportant documents and unused copies. This would represent great economy compared to the traditional printers.

Pencil printer

This is another one of the eco-friendly printers. The difference between this kind of printer and all the other ones is that this one uses only slate pencils. This means that the print on the paper can be erased and the paper can be reused.

Eco printer and eraser

This is one of the most interesting concepts that people have come up with so far. It not only prints the paper, but it also erases if needed. In order to make it work all you have to do is to feed it with scrap pencils and erasers. It extracts the ‘ink’ from the graphite found in the pencils and it erases with rubber made of the pieces.

Pre-Peat eco-friendly printer

This machine comes with a special printing head that makes buying printing consumables a thing of the past. There is a thermal head and only heat sensitive paper is used to make sure that people can print on the same paper over and over again. The best thing is that there is no need for ink either.

At the moment the only drawback of the printer is that it is extremely expensive, so it won’t be available to the general public for some time. Most probably it will be used by large organizations that have a lot of printing to do. At the moment it costs $5,517 and the paper used is plastic paper of which 1,000 pieces cost $3,300. All this might be more expensive than we can afford.


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