4 Super Sunning Eco Spa’s


Spas are considered to be types of non-medical therapy that is expected to be soothing and relieve stress. Spa treatments promote wellness by getting the body to relax. Spa treatments include such things as massages, facials, body treatments, salons and fitness services.

There are no many spas that offer eco-friendly services, so you can stay at an environmentally conscious spa. Here are 4 fantastic eco spas that will calm your nerves and make you feel at peace.

Eco SPA1. Bali Eco-Lodge

The Bali Eco-Lodge is situated on Mount Batukaru in beautiful Bali. The spa offers breath-taking views of the mountains, and the lush rainforest is nearby. You can stay at a quaint cottage and receive excellent service from the staff the eco lodge. The restaurant consists of open air dining, or you can eat in your room, and the meals are healthy and made with organic foods. While staying there, you can explore what nature has to offer with hiking or mountain bike riding, or you can relax with a soothing massage.

2. Titanic Spa

The first eco spa in the United Kingdom is Titanic Spa. Located in Yorkshire, Titanic Spa provides roomy apartments with nice views of the surrounding scenery. This lovely spa day offers guests alternative therapy, mosaic body or face treatments, a hair studio, hydrotherapy, mud chamber and much more. The facility has its very own water source that provides water for drinking, water for taking a bath, a salt controlled swimming pool and showers and an ice experience. They have a laundry that is energy efficient, as it washes on a cool temperature.

3. Hotel Terra

In Jackson Hole, you can visit the Hotel Terra, which is an eco-friendly chill spa. The chill spa is situated on the top floor and offers spectacular views of the Teton Mountains. The facility operates with an innovative and modern design that consists of natural lighting and organic treatments. There is a hot tub on the roof and a deck that provides amazing views of the nearby mountains. The spa has six cozy and tranquil treatment rooms, and it also consists of relaxing rooms before and after treatment. Organic robes, towels and linens are provided, and you can have lavish spa treatments using organic skin care products.

4. The Sundara

Located in Wisconsin, the Sundara Inn offers eco-friendly services. While staying here, you will be secluded from the rest of the world while relaxing in this excellent spa. Sundara promotes a healthy environment, as they offer numerous services, including therapeutic massages, holistic skin care, facials, pedicures and much more. The spa has energy-efficient resources with recycling centers located throughout the establishment.

At these fabulous spas, you can experience a deeper connection with nature. You can have a peaceful stay at an eco-friendly spa without worrying about the effects that your actions will have on the environment. It will be an adventure of a lifetime.



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