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Hydrogen Fuel

The Hydrogen Fuel and Many Ways to Obtain It

From where we are standing today, hydrogen seems to be the answer for all our power needs in the future. It is clean from every form of greenhouse gases, and it is this ‘greenness’ that makes it so appealing for people. Scientists and engineers all over the world are trying to find methods to produce […]

Solar Power for the Tower Cells

NTT DoCoMo and Using Solar Power for the Tower Cells

Cell phone providers are going green this season. This is one of the major news of ecology in our days. Japan’s major cell phone operator, NTT DoCoMo is having plans to start powering its cell phone towers with renewable energy, like solar, biomass or wind. With the help of this new system, one day it […]

Summer Seaweed

Summer Seaweed – From Smelly Garbage to Valuable Bio-Fuel

According to certain studies, seaweed might turn out to be an important alternative for biofuel especially in case it is harvested during the summer. Although it can be suitable for fuel production, its chemical composition depends on the moment of harvesting. If it is harvested in July, the carbohydrate levels are the highest and so […]

Eskom Solar Water Heaters

Eskom and Making the Most of the African Sun

What can be found in larger quantities in Africa than in any other location of the world? Sunlight of course. And this is the feature that the new daring new project will take advantage of. Eskom, that is known to be a South African utility, has announced its plans to install one million solar heaters […]