Papacy Is Ready to Join the Green Wheel Current


There are numerous important people in the world, like celebrities, politicians, and so on, but we shouldn’t forget about the people representing the Church, like the Pope. He has always been a role model and this is why it is an important step that he is going to get a green car.

Mercedes-Benz is creating a greener hybrid car for him, known as the Popemobile. There have been some speculations saying that it would be ready by his visit to his native country, Germany this September but the official spokesperson has denied these rumors.

Pope MobileThe reports are saying that the new car will be based on the four-wheel drive M Class Mercedes, having a hybrid electric-petrol motor.

The Popemobile will be equipped with a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and this will make it possible for the vehicle to go about 30 km without causing any pollution.

The reason for which the car won’t be entirely green is that there is need for a motor with a bigger capacity, so that in cases of emergency it would be able to take off.

According to the company there will be no more information given on private clients, because of confidentiality issues.

Mercedes has been offering custom made cars for Popes starting with the 1980s. All of them had big windows made of reinforced glass to allow viewing but in the same time providing maximum security.

The first hints regarding the creation of an electric car have been given in December 2010 saying that the Pope would accept to use an electric car as long as it would be reliable and efficient.

Pope Benedict XVI is known as the ‘green Pope’ by the Italian press and he believes that ‘God’s works’ need to be protected and so there is more and more need for environment friendly products. He has been known for a long time to be really supportive regarding the new, environment friendly technologies.

According to official information the car won’t be ready until the end of the year. Some might say that it was about time for the papacy to make such a step. There are more and more environment conscious people who are willing to pay more to get a hybrid car and make sure that they do not contribute to the pollution of the environment.

We actually saw numerous celebrities and politicians making the same step. Whether they are for real or not…remains to be seen.


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