Green Fuel of the Future


green fuelIn today’s climate it is all about how to economise and reduce each individual’s carbon footprint, enabling the protection of the planet for the nation’s offspring. One area that is particularly targeted is the energy that is used to power the car engine.

There have been for many years images of what the cars of the future may look like. Indeed changes have been quite dramatic since the first car was produced, not only in shape but also in power.

There have been over the years various proposals as to how best to power the engine that drives the car. Hybrid engines, electric cars and hydrogen cars have all been proposed or developed over the years. The electric engine has progressed in order that the battery can be removed and recharged away from the car.

The hybrid engine uses compressed air, which it is claimed will reduce the energy used by the car by approximately 30%. Which may beg the question, ‘does this all affect the insurance policy on the vehicle?’ Insurance companies tend to be ahead of the game, there are even now companies that provide temporary car insurance, which can be useful for those ‘one-off’ trips that require cover.

It is not only fuel that has been considered by car manufacturers in the pursuit of low energy vehicles. Performance of the car is essential and should not be compromised. One car manufacturer has engineered a vehicle that has taken this idea into production and uses computational fluid dynamics in the design of the vehicle to produce an ultra low drag using considerably less energy when driving at speed.

Another car manufacturer uses the gasses that are emitted from the exhaust system of the internal combustion engine to power a steam engine, which contributes to the power of the vehicle, resulting in energy savings of an estimated 15%.

So with all these developments on the energy savings of the future, is the car insurance industry keeping up? The truth of the matter is that the car insurance industry has developed massively over the last 20 years or so, typically online. Offering a great deal of variations that were before unheard of, temporary car insurance, classic car insurance, multiple car insurance policies, but to name a few. One company in particular even started its life online and now is a global affair.

So, it is fair to say, that the insurance companies of today will still be offering relevant car insurance deals tomorrow, including temporary car insurance and some other new innovate deals.


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