Are Cell Phones Messing Up Our Chances for a Green Life?


In the moment of organizing the promotional campaign for a new mobile phone the manufacturers create a list of words that they would like the consumers to associate with their products. These include sleek, elegant, useful, trendy, and so on, but usually cancer isn’t on their list.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding whether mobile phones cause cancer or not. A study has been conducted a while ago that seemed to have put an end to the discussions, but a new study has shown that the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields that are emitted by mobile phones and ‘possibly carcinogenic’.

cell phones and green living

This new study has found contradictory information to the studies previously published that said that there has been no link found between mobile phones and brain tumors. Nonetheless we have to add that the possibilities of this new study have been limited regarding the link between two specific brain cancers: glioma and acoustic neuroma.

Since the mobile phones have been considered ‘possibly carcinogenic’, they are in the same classification as coffee, chloroform, dry cleaning chemicals and DDT.

It is no wonder that the mobile phone companies have been trying to downplay the results of the study saying that it isn’t certain that their products cause brain cancer and that the information that has been used by the researchers has been limited.

According to them the hazards of using mobile phones are possible but not likely. The majority of the most well-known manufacturers say that the products that they have comply with the international standards.

The truth about mobile phones is that they have become a necessity for the people of our days and according to the estimations that the manufacturers have made, their number will exceed 50 billion by 2020. In the year of 2000 there have been about 720 million, but this number has increased to 5 billion in only a decade.

There will be a new study performed regarding this matter that involves a 20-30 year time period. The initial results will be published in 2015 and there are numerous international organizations that support this new study.

According to researchers from the UK, the incidences of brain cancer did not increase as the mobile phone use increased over the last period of time. There is no trend observed in New Zealand, Scandinavia or USA either. The positive and the negative news balance each other out, and we still have no idea about the truth.


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